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Two sets of super counters !

What super counters to own! These counters are in a very rare style  - one  which was not offered very often presumably because it must have been very impractical in use. It is a wonder how these counters remained intact and in perfect order, as they are so fragile. They have a superb crest of a griffin passant, ducally gorged, on a ducal coronet. And a cryptic monogram to the reverse which seems to represent something different every time that I try to work out what it says! SB? SAE? Any suggestions? Help, please! These are some of the very finest counters one could hope to see. Made circa 1840 and clearly a very special order from Canton. Top quality mother-of-pearl and crafted by Canton's finest.


The final pair of round counters are from around the same period. Once more, clearly a very special order from Canton. These two have different faces, possibly Indian? And very well drawn full scenes to the reverse. These counters raise more questions than they answer. Who commissioned them? How many were in the original set? Was it a 'full' set of 140? Or perhaps more likely a Whist marker set of eight? Were they pictures of family members? A very intriguing set of counters. Has anyone seen the like? We would be delighted to hear your comments.

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