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Chinese export mother of pearl gaming counters/ chips - all you need to know about them in one site: history, styles, dates, armorials, non-armorials, sets, lacquer boxe.....

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Another box in exceptional condition. This one shows a scene on the lid of children at play around a pavilion. There is only slight rubbing to the gilding on the lid. Another box in extremely good condition! Inside, there are four small and one larger boxes, which contain 225 counters in four shapes (round, oval, large shuttle and small shuttle). The counters are in good condition and are of very good 'average' quality i.e. they are mainly decorated with pagodas (some with stylised flowers) with no damage. Some show minor striations (surface reflections in the mother-of-pearl from production). They make a superb set ideal for display or for use in card games.
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