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This box is very special. It has the crest of the MacGregor family on the lid (an 'antique crowned lion') and the motto 'Ard Cholle' (the woody hill). The box is in exceptional condition, with no damage and virtually no wear, and dates from the 1850's.

When you take off the lid , the interior is just as good: four lacquered boxes with simple gilded decorative lines, and four counter trays. There would originally have been six or eight trays.

Inside the boxes there are the rare, matching, fretted counters with the antique crowned lion crest and the family motto. 

A very rare box.

It contains fifty of these counters (42 long oblong, five round and three 'square'). 

It is quite unusual for a box and its original counters to have stayed together since approximately 1840, when these were produced. Many were split up long ago.

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