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Selection of Chinese export mother-of-pearl gaming counters and collections, armorial and non-armorial.

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Sales page 15N

I have listed some very interesting non-armorials as well as some of my favourite armorials.

Fretted, deep-carved 'square'(15N1)

Superb counter from the same set as 17N1 - unusual in being 'double-sided' - full scene to one side and a character scene to the other. Thisck m-o-p. Stunning!

price: £ 85
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Large deep-carved (15N2)

You will not find many larger deep-carved counters of this quality. It has the rare feature of a relief-carved monogram M and a super full scene to the reverse.

price: £ 80
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Set of three Valentine's pattern(15N3)

The Valentine's pattern was introduced on armorial porcelain for a service made for Anson and this pattern eventually evolved into the billing birds design which was used on a huge number of counters ...

price: £ 85
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Deep-carved long (15N4)

Super quality  counter with blank roundel to front and deep-carved full scene to reverse showing fish being prepared. Standard size.

price: £ 45
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Deep-carved long (15N5)

Another very good quality counter with blank roundel and deep-carved full scene to reverse - two men in conversation with a lady listening at a window.

price: £ 45
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Super quality fretted counter (15N6)

Super fretted border to this counter with fruit and flowers. Lovely bright m-o-p and a great full scene to reverse. Monogram EB with superfine backhatching.

price: £ 48
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Superb large size deep-carved ( 15N7)

A superb example of this large size counter with the rare feature of the monogram M being relief-carved. Superb deep-carved full scene to reverse.

price: £ 55
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