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Selection of Chinese export mother-of-pearl gaming counters and collections, armorial and non-armorial.

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STEWART BARON BLANTYRE armorial box (1N6)             £ 675
A super mother-of-pearl armorial box made circa 1770 for STEWART, BARON BLANTYRE showing the full arms crest and motto. Clearly a very wealthy person - Blantyre had three sets of armorial counters made around this time: one for himsself and one each for two of his sons, Charles and Alexander ( see D.S. Howard vol. I for details).  There are no counters with this box but I have armorial counters available from all three sets - please enquire. The sides of the base of the box have the Valentine's pattern ( see article on this website on the 'billing birds') which allow us to date this box to around 1770.
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