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Selection of Chinese export mother-of-pearl gaming counters and collections, armorial and non-armorial.

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De Azanza counter 1N1

Top quality counter made for Miguel Jose de Azanza, Duke of Santa Fe and Viceroy to New Spain ( Mexico) in 1798. 

price: £ 95
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De Azanza counter 1N2

The 'square' fropm this set. Superb detail in the arms and mantling.

price: £ 145
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De Azanza counter 1N3

The round from this set.

price: £ 155
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Set of three counters for de Azanza (1N4)

A set full of history -  reflecting the turmoil in Europe at the time, just after the French Revolution. Chales IV of Spain is still on the throne - soon to be deposed after a disagreement with ...

price: £ 375
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Deep-carved fretted Baron BORROWES (1N6)

SOLD SOLDTop top quality! Large size and amazing decoration.

price: £ 80
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Set of three IM mono (1N8)

Super quality - all three shapes from this set.

price: £ 45
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Six nice fretted counters (1N9)

Six good quality counters with fretted borders, in the standard size with good full scenes and other interesting features

price: £ 55
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Rare set of eight Whist counters (1N10)

Rare chance to own EIGHT super counters made for the WHIST craze and showing variants related to the bidding: SLAMM (1), DUBBELT (2), TRIPPEL  (3), QUADRUPPEL (2). Large sizes:  2 3/16 ...

price: £ 285
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Superb large deep-carved (1N11)

Large size deep-carved counter with superb decoration and the added feature of a relief-carved monogram M. 

price: £ 80
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