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Selection of Chinese export mother-of-pearl gaming counters and collections, armorial and non-armorial.

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ARMORIAL GAMES BOX & 100 COUNTERS (L10)             £ 4775
A very special Chinese armorial games box with 100 matching armorial gaming counters. This box and counters would be a worthy exhibit in a museum. The arms are: Willard quartering Davies impaling Thomas. The box measures 11.5 inches by 10.5 by 3.5 high. The full arms, motto and crest are shown on the box lid; the crests of the two families are shown on the interior box lids. The family motto is: In Domino Confido ( I trust in the Lord). The counters show the full arms to one side and the two crests to the other. There are 64 long-oblongs; 27 rounds and 9 'squares'. The counters were produced in around 1810 with a rare double-drilled border. There are five interior boxes showing the crests (one long and four short); there is also an exquisite set of twelve trays designed for the game of Pope Joan showing a selection of court cards copied from playing cards of the time. This is a very rare gaming box and counters in excellent condition, with just some slight evidence of light wear to the areas of the box lid where the thumbs naturally brushed the lid when lifting off the lid - as shown in the last photograph. Please contact me for a full condition report and price.
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