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Miguel Jose de Azanza, Duke of Santa Fe- a sad tale

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This is an outstanding quality set of counters made circa 1790. They have the full arms  for Miguel Jose de Azanza - his armns are a goose in the first quarter and his wife's arms ( a cauldron) in the second quarter. His monogram MJA is to the reverse. Miguel was born in 1746; he was a politician and diplomat and held several high positions in the govenment of Spain. He served under Charles IV of Spain ( for whom a very special set of counters was made). He eventually was appointed Viceroy of New Spain ( Mexico) in 1798 - soon after these counters were made in Canton. However his career went badly wrong soon after. Naopleon effectively took over Spain and deposed Charles IV and his son and appointed his brother to rule Sppain. Azanza was stripped of his lands and wealth and died penniless in exile in France.

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